Cloud based shop management-photo poweredThis is a shop without “Traxx”Stay up to date in our ever changing industry

Cloud based shop management-photo powered

Not designed to replace CCC, Audatex or Mitchel, but rather to play nice with any or ALL, from the perspective of the SHOP! This system makes the collection of images, VIN Decoding, documents, repair notes, progress pictures, and existing damage capture simple.

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This is a shop without “Traxx”

In today’s world of photo estimating, tablets and smart phones, no shop should be without an integrated management solution like this. Designed by shop owners, and not estimating software companies, to deliver the flexibility to manage the shop, not the estimate!

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Stay up to date in our ever changing industry

As the insurance companies move ever closer to the photo estimating (and eventually electronic adjusting) model, every shop needs this tool. Multiple levels of user access; owners, schedulers, technicians, insurance companies, dealers.

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App In Action!

Select which features you would like to see In Action.

Watch How easily a new Traxx Repair Order is created.
A quick overview of the Customer Profile information and the usefulness of Repair Order Notes.
The ability to template and control Inspection Cycle with DENT Traxx is covered in this demonstration.
This is a demonstration of how flexible the Multiple Locations features are in assisting to manage bookings seamlessly.
Observe the quick management advantages that can be leveraged by adjusting the Schedule Viewer Filters.
See how the Schedule Viewer Time Scale function allows you to zoom in and out of your priorities.
The Full Search feature within DENT Traxx allows for look ups by cars, customers or insurance companies quick and easy.
Watch this video to see the ins and outs of the Damage Control(Estimating) module within DENT Traxx.